Strategy to Reopen

On March 15th, Mill Creek never truly closed its doors to ministry, we simply scattered into surrounding communities while we closed the doors temporarily to our building. We are pleased to announce that we will now be reopening the doors of the building, giving us an opportunity to meet in person once again. While this hiatus from meeting in person was less than ideal, it taught us a lot about what the “church” really is and how it should function. As we begin gathering together once again, we do so with a thoughtful and responsible plan to help us relaunch in a manner that is considerate of all who will be joining us.

The Governor of Indiana has graciously allowed churches to meet again with certain recommendations and requirements. We are doing our best to accommodate those requests as well as the responses from our "Reopen" survey. Most critical for Mill Creek, no matter our political persuasion or opinions of this current reality, is our most important desire to preserve and fortify relationships. Love must be above all!

Please take the time to read our "Reopening Strategy" document.

Thank you to our leaders and staff for their due diligence and for all our Creekers who have been so encouraging and faithful through these last weeks. While being together will look and feel different than before, what matters most is relationship. Relationship with our loving God, with our families and with each other. It is through those actions that we show a hurting world amazing love!

Please contact us by email or phone (574-224-5433) if you have any questions or concerns. We hope to see you soon!